With a Digital Label, Yes, It’s Personal

By: Dino Pagliarello |

I have a bottle of wine that was given to me by a close friend. I never drank it; not because I don’t believe I’ll like the taste, but because I love the label so much I just don’t want to drink it and have to discard the bottle. I show it to friends, it’s so attractive. That’s the thing about high-quality labels – they can add a personal aspect to everything that we do.

Most of us take labels for granted. How could you not when we see them every day on practically every item we buy? But much time and effort goes into creating them, from conception to production, in order to help get that product to attract buyers and make it memorable from a branding perspective. This is quite a responsibility for something taken for granted.

Konica Minolta doesn’t take labels for granted, which is one reason why we’ve introduced innovative digital solutions like the bizhub PRESS C71cf for printers’ label shops. This unique press represents the culmination of digital printing technology and high-end digital performance at a lower cost to create new opportunities for a label shop to increase its profits, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Another reason is the size of the market. According to the TLMI 2015 Digital Label Survey, the North American digital printed label revenue stands at just over $1 billion. That total will rise dramatically as the survey noted that three in every four press installations by the year 2020 will be digital, providing greater opportunities for printers to create memorable labels for their customers. Who are the current biggest users of labels? The survey reported that the top three biggest markets using labels are pharmaceutical, consumer durables and health and beauty.

Digital technology now allows for labels to be truly personalized so print shops can develop very high-quality labels for customers, offering a final product that will see return business from them.

In fact, we put our bizhub PRESS C71cf to good use recently at our Dealer Conference and Expo in Aspen, CO, where we custom labeled 22oz Big Whig IPA microbrews from Noble Ale Works in California. Attendees had our Inspiration, Ideation and Innovation beers waiting for them in their rooms.

So the next time your eye catches a striking label, think about how it’s grabbed your attention, how much effort was put into its design, and how you’ll now remember that product simply because of the label it bears.

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ApplicationsWith a Digital Label, Yes, It’s Personal