The Power of Digital Marketing for Printers

By: Eat Print Love 

The digital space can be a powerful enabler for the print industry. In the following video from INKISH, Will Crabtree of highlights some of the amazing successes his business has had thanks to a determined digital marketing effort.

As printers, we understand the value of direct mail marketing in the modern age; because we are inundated with emails, tangible printed pieces come across as unique, visually engaging, and often exciting to recipients who are otherwise used to receiving everything digital. But just because printed pieces are more striking does not mean you should neglect digital advertising entirely. In fact, digital and print advertising tend to work best when they work together.

Here are two key benefits for printers that come from using digital advertising in combination with print advertising:


1. More Conversions and Higher Sales:

A study conducted by USPS and the Internet White Paper found that consumers who interacted with multiple forms of advertising were more likely to spend more when they made a purchase – up to 30% more to be exact. When potential customers interact with your print shop’s material through varied mediums, they are more likely to spend more!

2. Increased Exposure and Awareness:

By relying only on one medium of marketing, you’re limiting the exposure of your print shop’s brand, and therefore limiting your potential clientele! As of 2019, roughly 45% of the world’s population are using social networks, and this number increases to 88% when we look at those aged 18 to 29 years old. This demographic of consumers holds the keys to future growth, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to consumers who only use or prefer physical materials – diversify and talk to both!

Digital advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., has the potential to reach a global audience – Facebook alone has roughly 1.5 billion monthly users, a fifth of the planet’s population. Your print shop should be leveraging the massive reach that digital advertising, social media, and other similar online platforms/services provide. If Will and can do it, so can you.

CommentaryThe Power of Digital Marketing for Printers