Sintra Board: What You Need to Know – with Samples

By: Eat Print Love 

Sintra Board is an industry-leading rigid substrate which has the potential to elevate your next large format design or print job.

Thanks to advances in technology, large format and banner printing has been experiencing a major period of growth over the last few years. More and more, printers and designers are looking for interesting substrates to experiment on with their large format prints. In the realm of rigid substrates however, few hold a candle to the popularity and durability of Sintra Board.

Sintra PVC Board

Sintra Board has been the industry standard for premium PVC board over the last 30+ years. The material itself is lightweight with a low gloss matte finish, which makes it ideal for things like yard signs, pop-up prints, real estate signage, promotional displays, and other forms of indoor and outdoor advertising.

Boards can range in thickness, but typically are found within the 3mm to 6mm range. Thicker boards offer a strength that some may prefer, while the more portable lightweight boards may appeal to others.

Sintra is also available in a number of different colours, and the board holds a glossy finish which helps your prints stand out even more! Couple this with Sintra Board’s high durability and resistance to wear and tear from things like scratches and dents, and it’s not hard to see why Sintra is the industry standard for PVC board printing.


Although its rigidity makes it a perfect substrate for signage, Sintra Board has many other potential applications. Below are some interesting examples of how you can use Sintra.

The letter board spelling out “Eat Print Love” comes from photographer Mike Toy. Mike is a professional photographer based out of Barbados, but originally from Canada. His letter boards are made up of individual items in the shape of letters. He offers two alphabets, one from the island of Barbados and the other from the equally beautiful Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. Both alphabets contain more than 300 letters, numbers, and symbols, each of which is captioned with what it is and where it was shot.

The images themselves are printed on 1/8” PVC board and measure 4.5” x 2.7” and are then slotted into a wooden frame hand-made from pine.

We love these letter boards. The photography is exceptional, and each alphabet really embodies the essence of either Ontario (in the case of the board we own here at EPL), or Barbados in a highly visual way.

Mike’s letter boards are available for order from his website, or from We encourage you to check it out! If that’s not convincing enough, check out some of these other samples form his site:

Rigid Signage

Below is another example of how Sintra Board can be used in a unique and interesting way. This sneaker image was printed on a Konica Minolta AccurioWide 160 and will be displayed later this month at Printing United in Dallas!

You can see from the images in the gallery below that the Sintra Board holds a glossy, high-resolution finish which makes it perfect for displaying something as large as this piece. The final sneaker piece will be cut into vertical pieces which will then be hung next to each other to demonstrate the full shoe. Click on the images below to get a better look!

CommentarySintra Board: What You Need to Know – with Samples!