Neil Dankoff and the “Kandy Gallery”

By: Eat Print Love |

In 2013, Neil Dankoff made a photography trip to Africa. The locale was stunning and the photographs of it equally so. This trip was inspirational for Neil, and it wasn’t long before he was back on the move, this time to Bora Bora, Hawaii, Iceland, China, Japan, France, Bolivia and a handful of other destinations. The photographs from these trips made up the pieces featured in the first Kandy Gallery location in Montreal, which Neil opened in 2015.

It wasn’t long before the community took notice of Neil’s work, and shortly after the opening of Kandy Gallery Montreal, Neil was commissioned by Hotel X in Toronto to establish a second location in the hotel’s lobby. Neil spent the next three years traveling the globe to capture more than 800 landscape images for the new gallery. Below you can find digital images of some of the pieces on display at Kandy Gallery Toronto, but in order to truly experience the breathtaking landscapes we encourage you to visit the gallery yourself. Check out the Kandy Gallery website here.

See Neil in action.

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InspirationNeil Dankoff and the “Kandy Gallery”