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HOLIDAY CARD IDEA #4 and #5: Holiday-Themed Pop-Up Cards!

Welcome to week three of our October holiday card extravaganza! This week, we’re bringing you two fun dimensional card formats that ship flat, and pop-up into memorable greetings that any client or colleague would be proud to display. From the team at Red Paper Plane, we’ve got the Extendo® Pop-Up, and the charming Pop-Up Gingerbread House from their holiday line of designs.



HOLIDAY CARD IDEA #2 and #3: Circular Accordion (Two Ways!)

Throughout the month of October, we’ll be bringing you great ideas for your 2019 holiday cards (and a few surprises, too)! This week, we’re highlighting two creative ways to use a Circular Accordion for your holiday greetings. First is a whimsical 5-panel Circular Accordion holiday card design from Lenz Illustration & Design. After that, Trish will show a 3-panel, Tapered Circular Accordion that forms a snowman. It’s “two-for-one” holiday fun!



Rectangular Twist Fold Card

We’re dedicating an entire month to bringing you great ideas for your 2019 holiday cards! First up, we’re highlighting a mail-friendly Rectangular Twist Fold. This piece is brilliant, because it defies the square proportion (and higher mailing costs) of every other Twist Fold we’ve ever seen. Designed by Kandyce Parsons and produced by Slate Group for client Junior League of Lubbock, this exciting modification offers a magical splurge/save scenario. It’s a must-see!


Introducing #ColourByNature – a collaboration with the Natural History Museum launching September 19th.


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Harsh Lessons: What Printers Can Learn from Start-Ups

Harsh Lessons: What Printers Can Learn from Start-UpsBy: Sandy Hubbard | There are lessons printers can learn from other people’s businesses…. especially when those businesses fail. Start-up companies are a good source of research because the timeline is short,...

Sintra Board: What You Need to Know – with Samples!

Print is Alive! Sintra Board: What You Need to Know – with Samples!By: Eat Print Love | Sintra Board is an industry-leading rigid substrate which has the potential to elevate your next large format design or print job. Thanks to advances in technology, large format...
The Power of Digital Marketing for Printers

The Power of Digital Marketing for Printers

The Power of Digital Marketing for Printers By: Eat Print Love | The digital space can be a powerful enabler for the print industry. In the following video from INKISH, Will Crabtree of highlights some of the amazing successes his business has had...

Eat Print Love video launch

Eat Print Love’s first video shoot at the Kandy Gallery in downtown Toronto’s HotelX Featuring Eat Print Love’s founder, Christine Yardley, and Warren Werbitt of Montreal’s Pazazz printing.

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neil dankoff | kandy gallery

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun”

Mary Lou Cook

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The Howard Iron
Works Print Museum

In the fourth Eat Print Love original video, Christine Yardley and the Eat Print Love team are joined by Deborah Corn and other industry professionals at the Howard Iron Works Print Museum in Oakville, Ontario.

On the Floor of
Graphics Canada 2019

Join Christine Yardley, founder of Eat Print Love, as she walks the floor of Canada’s largest print industry trade show: Graphics Canada 2019.

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