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FOLD of the week | #541

Moving Pop-Up Self Mailer Modification

We love a good format modification, and this is a great way to add extra real estate to a favorite format of ours, the Simple Moving Pop-Up self-mailer. We’ve featured variations of this fold on episodes 282 and 491—but graphics were limited due to its small scale . . . until now. This design by Staton Creative for client Mitsubishi FUSO Truck of America features the clever addition of an extra panel off the cover. Graphic Visual Solutions of Greensboro, NC produced almost 100,000 of these entirely by machine. Don’t miss this creative and efficient dimensional mail format!


FOLD of the week | #540

“Laptop” Closed Gate Annual Report Brochure

This is the most creative use of a Closed Gate Fold we’ve seen in a long time! This clever annual report brochure looks like a silver laptop (complete with curved corners), and when opened to the interior it reveals a 16-page stitched booklet. Designed by Susan Boettner of Stensland Design in Marina, California, and printed by Community Printers for Monterey-Salinas Transit, this idea is guaranteed to spark your creativity.


FOLD of the week | #538

Circle-Shaped Open Gate Fold

This Circle-Shaped Open Gate fold offers a fresh take (and a fresh shape!) on a classic format. Designed by the team at PLAY Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska, and printed by Docuplex for client Credit Union of America, this creative piece looks like an oversized penny. When pulled from both sides, it takes the shape of three linked circles. This format is a great idea to “save” for the right creative opportunity!


FOLD of the week | #535

The Closed Gate Fold—Done Four Unique Ways

For a fun change this week, we’re sharing four ideas for leveraging the production-efficient flexibility of the classic Closed Gate format. We’ll share three folded self-mailers—each with an entirely different look, feel and orientation—and a catalog with a tipped-in Closed Gate brochure as a featured promotion. You’ll get a fresh perspective on this versatile format!


FOLD of the week | #534

Smart and Simple Hybrid Self-Mailer with Coupon

Here’s a particularly relevant idea for marketing during the holidays! This hybrid self-mailing format from Little Passports features a coupon and the best of two simple formats—the swinger fold, and the asymmetrical double parallel. There are a few additional design and production tricks that make this mailer especially appealing . . . but you’ll have to watch to find out what they are!


FOLD of the week | #533

Envelope Mailer with Belly-Banded Letter Insert

Maybe a pocket isn’t the only way to hold loose inserts after all! This week, we have a long-run mail solution from SPC in Niles, Illinois. It’s a direct mail package they produced for Discover Card. They added a clever little belly band “seatbelt” to an insert that not only draws the eye, but also allows for easy removal of the contents. Trish will share the fascinating mechanics behind the production as well. You won’t want to miss this smart solution for mail!


FOLD of the week | #532

Rolling Self-Mailer with Integrated Response Card and Envelope

Here’s a GREAT idea for anyone who sends mail that requires a response form and envelope. This clever and efficient folded self-mailer from Marketing by Design of Sacramento, California, features an integrated response card and envelope all-in-one! Designed for client Sacramento Tree Foundation and printed by Paul Baker Printing, this smart and efficient mailer offers a truly enlightening solution for response mail.


FOLD of the week | #531

Winged Open Gate Hybrid Mailer

This week, we’ve got a stunning hybrid format idea for you! Designed by Suzie Amsberry at the Kennesaw State University Strategic Communications and Marketing Department, and printed by RRD Commercial Print Atlanta, this hybrid mailer format combines a sculptural winged die cut on the cover panels that gates open to reveal a cross format. Special print effects and bold imagery complete the reveal.


FOLD of the week | #530

Sleeve Mailer with Wrapped Booklet Insert

This promotional self-mailer from Jeep® offers a fresh twist on the classic Sleeve Mailer format. A wrapped booklet insert slides out of the sleeve and provides a layered discovery of imagery, special offers, and messaging. This format has a lot of potential in other verticals, like higher ed, healthcare, retail, and more!


FOLD of the week | #529

The 4-Pull Window Slider

This exciting new format from Red Paper Plane is both compact and interactive. The two-sided, 4-Pull Window Slider features four pull tabs and four windows that cleverly reveal text or imagery in different locations as the tabs are pulled. Great for direct mail, product releases, FAQs, and even holiday greetings, this format is filled with creative potential!


FOLD of the week | #525

Tri-Fold Self-Mailer with Tipped, Stepped Booklet

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately focusing on style and simplicity—and continuing with that mindset, this week we have a great found sample from Delta Airlines and American Express. The oversized self-mailer starts with a die-cut short panel on the cover that opens to reveal a Tri-Fold format that works as a carrier for an 10-page (yes, 10-page!) tipped-on waterfall booklet. The booklet holds customized content and special offers in an organized, stepped format. This concept could be used for many different verticals, too. Great mail!


FOLD of the week | #521

Accordion with Rolling Belly Wrap Response Carde

Here’s a spectacular physical invitation for a virtual fundraiser! From Susan Boettner of Stensland Design in Marina, California, this beautiful and budget-friendly event invitation was designed to promote a VIRTUAL fundraiser and online auction for client Ganna Walska Lotusland botanical gardens. The simple, accordion folded invitation is wrapped with a rolling “palm frond” that serves as a belly band and, when unraveled, is also the response card! Printed by JANO Printing & Mailworks and sent in a beautiful translucent envelope, this invitation is a refreshing, tangible solution that truly stands out in these days of digital overload.


FOLD of the week | #519

2-Piece Glueless Pop-Up Technique

Here’s a clever idea that uses a very efficient press sheet size and smart production to create an eye-catching 2-piece glueless pop-up format. Designed by Artefact Design, Inc. for client Children First, this smart technique offers creative opportunities across many different verticals.


FOLD of the week | #511

Two Simple Glued Coupon Self-Mailer Ideas!

This week, we’re sharing two variations of the same format—a simple glued coupon mailer. Produced by Bolger in Minneapolis for client Tommy Hilfiger, these engaging coupon mailers are digitally printed and personalized, and feature an efficient production design that we think you’ll be impressed with. It’s a “Low Budget Wonder” that you won’t want to miss!


FOLD of the week | #507

Shallow Stepped Accordion

With all that’s going on in the world right now, we wanted to bring you something light, and simple, and smart to keep in mind for your next marketing project. Our choice was this Shallow Stepped Accordion promotional brochure from Domtar, featuring quarter-inch slivers of stepped imagery that create texture and interest without contributing to production cost. Some of the best ideas are the simple ones!


FOLD of the week | #504

Iron Cross with Gate-style Flaps

In the “cool modifications” category, this week we’re highlighting a creative approach to a Fold of the Week classic—the Iron Cross fold. Designed and produced by the team at Suttle-Straus for client Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, this iron cross design breaks the mold of what is already an exciting folded format. You’ll be amazed to see what two little flaps can do to the opening experience!


Introducing #ColourByNature – a collaboration with the Natural History Museum launching September 19th.


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