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FOLD of the week #491

Simply Brilliant Moving Double
Pop-Up Mailer

Here’s a brilliant modification to a simple pop-up format that was featured on Fold of the Week episode 282. The original featured a single swinging pop-up mechanism, and this modified concept from PLAY Creative of Lincoln, Nebraska, features an exciting, double swinging pop-up. Trish will take it apart and show you just how smart and attainable this format can be!


FOLD of the week #490

Banner-Style 10-Page Parallel Self-Mailer Format

Let’s keep the “low-budget wonders” rolling! Here’s another creative and practical format to add to your regular rotation. It’s a flexible format that is self-mailing, machinable, and features a 5-panel panoramic layout opportunity. Designed by Kelly Daniel of the Grand View University in-house design team, and printed by Town Crier in Pella, Iowa, this self-mailer was designed to give students something to cheer about!


Introducing #ColourByNature – a collaboration with the Natural History Museum launching September 19th.


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Use These 3 Marketing Stats to Create More Print Sales from Leads

Use These 3 Marketing Stats to Create More Print Sales from Leads By: Deborah Corn | 2019 is half-way done and most everyone I have been speaking with is looking at sales numbers and measuring performance. Strategies and plans will be put into place to achieve or...
Why Has Digital Stopped at Finishing?

Why Has Digital Stopped at Finishing?

Why Has Digital Stopped at Finishing?By: Christian Knapp Digital pre-press and digital printing have been around for 40 years or more, and really started to take shape when Benny Landa founded Indigo Digital Printing in 1977. At the 1993 IPEX his company launched the...

Think Digital, But Don’t Forget the Print

Think Digital, But Don’t Forget the Print

Think Digital, But Don't Forget the Print  By: Prokom |  The glory days of advertising, when Soho was overflowing with creative types writing witty headlines for high profile billboard campaigns, have come to an end. Advertising agencies have had to adapt as...

Eat Print Love video launch

Eat Print Love’s first video shoot at the Kandy Gallery in downtown Toronto’s HotelX Featuring Eat Print Love’s founder, Christine Yardley, and Warren Werbitt of Montreal’s Pazazz printing.

 video launch photo gallery

neil dankoff | kandy gallery

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun”

Mary Lou Cook

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The Howard Iron
Works Print Museum

In the fourth Eat Print Love original video, Christine Yardley and the Eat Print Love team are joined by Deborah Corn and other industry professionals at the Howard Iron Works Print Museum in Oakville, Ontario.

On the Floor of
Graphics Canada 2019

Join Christine Yardley, founder of Eat Print Love, as she walks the floor of Canada’s largest print industry trade show: Graphics Canada 2019.

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